AINHOA professional skin care products from Spain is distributed by Absolute Grace Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

Absolute Grace Sdn. Bhd. started its Incorporated business on 4th December 2009 as a sole distributor for Ainhoa Product in 3 countries namely Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

AINHOA products keep the quality engagement of the company with natural components as allowing and exclusive selection of high concentrated active ingredients in order to provide to the market effective cosmetic treatments for the care of every type of skin.

The credibility of the brand consists of a continuous research of needs and ways to improve. The cosmetic market is a demanding and competitive one and our experience tells us that you can only have success by keeping these rules: efficiency, quality, and adaptability.

Our products are high quality, excellent image and priced at middle range which gains excellent feedback from our customers.

In addition to our products, we have a full range of products totals to 300 which caters for all needs and skins.

Our emerging brands in Ainhoa is increasing in sales and distribution from year to year.

COSMETICA CABINAS, S.L is a Spanish cosmetic company specialized in manufacturing, commercializing and selling cosmetic and makeup products. AINHOA is its main brand name and has a large experience in the international market due to the specialization in Asian as well as European countries.

COSMETICA CABINAS, S.L was established in 1996 and from the beginning the company understood that the needs of customers were an efficient product, with high quality adjusted to end consumer requirements. AINHOA, in spite of the difficulties of selling new products, start exporting its brand name and quickly had a great success, becoming soon, one of the most important brands in the professional market.

A continuous research process of innovating assets for the new cosmetic products of high performance. Ainhoa launches the full range products which achieved high recognition in the world and acquired an advantage positioning in the actual professional cosmetic market.

2000 – The Luxe range with Caviar Extract

2003 – The Luxe Gold range with Gold and Caviar Extract, The Olive range based on Olive Oil

2004 – The Luxury Diamond range with Diamond Powder

2006 – The SPA World Chocolate with pure Cacao Extract

2008 – The BIO line with the ECOCERT certification, The MINERAL PASSION make up with Mineral Powder

2009 – The SPECIFIC EXTREME line with Steam Cells

2012 – The Whitess line with Caviar Renewal

2013 – The Khrono Age Line

2014 – The Exigence Line

2016 – The Hyaluronic Line

Our innovation are composed by Caviar, Gold, Diamond Powder, Arbutine, Retinol and much more.