For sensitive, delicate, reactive skins, in all cases of intolerance to the sun and for preventing the harmful effects of sun exposure (spots, dryness…), in both children and people with fair skin.

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A light, fluid emulsion especially formulated for maximum daily protection against the harmful effects of the sun (spots, wrinkles, reddening or dryness). It forms a second skin to guarantee maximum safety against the sun, without being occlusive or giving an undesirable oily appearance. The fluid adheres to the skin, leaving a thin invisible film that ensures excellent skin protection against harmful sun radiation. Thanks to its optimum cosmetic characteristics (light, non-oily, no whitening effect and with an attractive pink appearance), it is ideal for everyday use, allows to carry out everyday activities (urban and sport activities) without the harmful effects associated with exposure to ultraviolet rays.


After cleansing the skin, 20 minutes before sun exposure, massage in gently until completely absorbed. Apply every day before moisturizing cream or makeup.


Solar Filter & Moisturizing agents.


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